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Artist, Game developer, amateur Voice actor. Mostly Artist. Creator of FFR comic series. co-founder of AL studio.

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Before you Start [About Lozen]

Posted by Lozen - 1 month ago

Hello everyone! Adalbert Here... Also known as.... Lozen! This post will say mostly Everything about me or My projects. Let us Begin!

1."Who/What is Lozen?"

Lozen is an OC made by... Well... Me! It's more likely my Mascot or whatever you want to call it. The Mascot Itself is Created to be One of the Easiest To know and Make, for the better recognition.

2. "What was the idea to create Lozen?"

Well... Before i knew anything about newgrounds, i was really inspired by a well-known guy called Vinesauce. I also wanted to make some kind of Videos or Livestreams to just Play or Talk with other people. The Logo and the name howerer... My account on Youtube/Twitch was called "Loser.exe" but because i din't actually liked the ".exe" thing, i removed it and Transformed the Name into a real name!

3. "What are you all about in general?"

I'm an "Artist" who just Like to do stuff like this, i know it doesn't look great but i'm pretty sure that i still have a long way to go! I just want to create/learn something new or not new, to ask myself or others: "Is it good enough? What do i need to change?". I just want to Ask other people and YOU what do i need to change or what you all need to change by seeing me trial and error stuff! That's why F.F.R comic series is made for! I have NEVER drew anything seriously. Well.... Now, i can! And maybe YOU! Yes! You Can change somethintg for the better! And i Respect that. I really want to see all of you to tell me your criticism, but let's be Real... Don't make it that way i am feeling like Shit after reading stuff like this. write something as best you can, not the Most Unpleasant!


4. "What is FFR all about?"

FFR: Fight For Rubies is an Indie-like comic series made by... Well... Me! Like i said in the Point above. It was made more likely to be A "test". Test that would tell me what do you all want to See to improve! Let me also say this that the series is not that old, although it was made for 5 years, the prologue is not even done. You all or even ME will have No idea what could be in the next Episode of that comic series! Just saying.... Everything here will make sense in the future.

5. "What Can i do to spread more information about all of this?"

You can share my stuff to other people but remember! (Almost) Every project I created is Supported by CreativeCommons License! More info About this is in my DeviantArt or Just check one of my projects on the newgrounds!

6. "Is there something else you are planning to do other than Art?"

Well yes of course! I'm making some indie games with my Friend(s). The projects arent even released YET but i promise you that The projects are going to release this year or the Year right after this one.

I think that would be All i guess... If you need to Ask me something... Join My Discord Server! Of course... You aren't forced to join it but it's the only way to ask me anything! Thank you for your attention and have a great day!